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that removes barriers so students can thrive.

When it comes to PD we believe a one size fits all approach DOES NOT work. PD should be fun, interactive, impactful and most importantly, customized to meet the individual needs of your entire staff. 

Our goal is to partner with you to design meaningful PD experiences that meet your staff's unique needs to help them expand their skills, grow their capacity and confidently integrate technology to create high impact learning experiences. No one should have to sit through PD that isn’t relevant and actionable, right?

Professional Development for Teachers and Leaders

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Google Certification Cohorts

Looking to support your staff in getting Level 1 or Level 2 Certified? Or maybe you want your staff to ​​build strong foundational skills in Google Workspace for Education? We’ve got you covered with a high touch certification series on: 

  • Google Workspace for Education Basics
  • Google Certified Educator Level 1
  • Google Certified Educator Level 2
  • Google Certified Trainer
  • Learning and Leading Administrator - Google Workspace
  • Google Workspace for Clerical / Classified

Impactful Learning and Technology Use Cohort

This blended cohort combines live workshops and recorded content where your staff will: 

  • Dive deep into a model for what high-quality technology integration looks like, 
  • Get hands-on practice with new strategies and resources, 
  • Leave with an action plan for how they will continue to use technology to enhance the student learning experience
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1 Day of High Impact Learning

Through a close partnership with your school or district and staff needs assessment tools, we will create a customized learning experience that supports your staff’s needs, challenges, and readiness levels, as well as aligns with your organization's goals. With over 150 high energy workshops to choose from, learning pathways are carefully designed to support across roles, content areas, and grade levels, so your staff receives relevant and actionable support. 


Long Term Professional Learning Plans

If you’re looking for long term support for your staff we can:

  • Provide synchronous and asynchronous support over the course of 3-6 weeks through our intimate, customized cohorts
  • Or, we can provide bite-sized support to your staff through a customized workshop series once a week or once a month for an extended period of time

To determine how to best support your staff, we use the same method mentioned in the “1 Day of High Impact Learning” section.


Impactful Educator Cohort

This blended cohort will take your staff through a deep dive into strategies for understanding and utilizing each student's unique abilities and growing opportunities for building global awareness aligned to learning outcomes. This cohort will grow teacher capacity through:

  • Reflecting on current practice
  • Refining their pedagogy
  • Supporting students in becoming agents of change in their community

School and District Leadership Support

Through unique cohorts and an in-depth Leadership Academy, we partner with leadership teams to:

  • Define the vision for all learners across the school and district
  • Use change management strategies to implement lasting change 
  • Utilize the Learner Centered Framework to create an action plan
  • Refine action plan & implementation with the support of leadership mentors
  • And more!

Why Work With EdTechTeam?

Our Long-Term Impact

Our team helps educators shift their mindsets, meet their goals, learn new skills, and confidently incorporate technology into their classroom to engage the next generation of students.

Our Customer's Experience

With in-depth training, hands-on exercises, and personal support, we thoughtfully guide educators and district leaders toward the best PD solutions based on their goals and needs.

Our Mission

Designing impactful learning experiences is what we do. Increasing student engagement, improving staff retention, and enhancing each educator’s professional growth is why we do it.

Our Impact

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